Have you ever wondered what makes the difference between a recent college graduate who lands a job and one who doesn’t? The answer is pretty simple: Preparation.

The same is true for anyone looking to make a career change.

Are you looking to make a career change? Perhaps you find yourself stagnant in your current role, or you’re hoping to pursue something new. Maybe someone else has made the decision for you and your job has been eliminated or it just wasn’t a good fit. Or, maybe you are anticipating college graduation, or recently graduated, and you’re just not certain what path you want to take.

It’s difficult to navigate the job market in the best of circumstances. But there are many things you can do to enhance your opportunities and find a good match – you just need to approach it strategically and AVARAH can help. Below is a list of services we provide and pricing options that are a great value when you consider that the more you invest in a smart and directed career strategy, the greater your long-term income and job satisfaction. For further information, or to schedule a FREE 20 minute initial consultation, please email

Resume Refresher – $160

    • Includes two rounds of edits on an existing resume provided by the client with an industry-specific format based on your personal needs. And, you’ll receive a FREE downloadable guide to conducting an effective job search.

    Add a 45 minute personal consultation – $200

    Targeted Strategic Search – $850

    • Includes targeted resume creation, five 50 minute strategic coaching sessions, and help with the application process and interview preparation.

    Career Coaching Package – $1,350

    • Includes comprehensive career assessment and evaluation, eight 50 minute career coaching sessions, resume creation, interview preparation and negotiation tips.

    Professional Development Coaching – Inquire for details (

    • Periodic or ongoing coaching to address professional challenges, becoming more effective, workplace issues, staff management, and advancement
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