It’s all about that CHANGE!

Change. Transition. Move. Passage. AVARAH.  A very old, Hebrew word that defines what we go through when things change.  And, most importantly for me, the new name of my business – a consulting and coaching company that helps people and organizations manage their way through transition.

Here are just a few of the transitions that I have been through since I last posted on this blog (formerly “Life’s Work”):

  • Left a secure career with a good company after 20 years
  • Started a new DREAM job with a BIG company
  • Began a weekly commute away from home and lived by myself for the first time in my life – except for weekends!
  • Took on responsibilities I never had before, learned an incredible amount and grew more than I thought was possible.
  • Got laid off from the dream job.
  • Found another job.
  • Waved good-bye as one child moved across the country
  • Waved good-bye as another child left home for college
  • Became an empty-nester
  • Moved my father into our home, then moved him out and into his new home 4 months later
  • Decided I had to leave my job and…

Here I am, back to doing what I have always loved best.  Writing, consulting, coaching and speaking.  I’m starting fresh with my own business, just like I’ve said I wanted to for the longest time.  It’s not just a side-gig.  It’s not just for some extra income.  This is for real.  It’s definitely up there in the top 5 transitions of my life.

There’s one thing I’m 100% clear on.  I can help you through your transitions because I know how to do this.  I know how to do this personally and I know how to do this professionally.  In business, I’ve been called a change agent. On a personal level, I’ve been through more change than most – the list above is just a glimpse at the last 2.5 years.

Keeping checking back here for tips on transitioning to a new job, how to dispel your fears, getting support, and for stories of people who’ve made transitions successfully.  I look forward to growing with you!


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